Paperless Office

Despite of computerization, organizations spend a lot of precious time in handling and managing office papers. While the fact is, we cannot do away with the papers completely; we can definitely manage them effectively by digitizing and managing them with Document Management System.

Answer few of the questions below to know how important it is to move towards the concept of paperless office...


Is your office buried under a mountain of papers ?


Does it take considerably long to retrieve a specific document ?


Do you have to wade through hundreds of folders and dozens of file cabinets ?


What if a specific document is misfiled or lost ?


Are you worried about the time spent for movement of document ?


Are you concerned about the confidentiality of a confidential documents ?

Paperless Office is the answer...

The software helps you easily and quickly scan paper documents so that their electronic copies can be automatically filed into a central secured repository.

No further movement of paper is required, controlled electronic copy is instantly available to intended users.

You can route the document through customized approval workflow.

Easy document search facility ensures that any required document can be found easily and quickly.

Ensures that your important and confidential documents are not falling in unauthorized hands.

Free up valuable office space.

Environment friendly office.