Oracle Database Administration Service


1. Health check of server , OS and database
2. Log management.
3. Backup status checks and update if required. ( RMAN, EXPORT DUMP )
4. Performance check , update accordingly if required
5. Space management (OS level and Database level )
6. Stand By server availability, check the status and update.
7. DR site monitoring ( if available )
8. OS Management ( Windows, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris )

Resident DBA ( Option A )

• SITPL shall depute an experienced onsite Oracle DBA for continuous support during customer’s working hours.
• The DBA shall prepare a checklist of activities to be executed daily / weekly / monthly to ensure the database in good health all the time.
• The DBA shall report to IT manager of the bank on daily basis.
• Review meeting once in a month.

Visiting DBA on call / scheduled ( Option B )

• SITPL DBA shall visit to the Customer data center as per scheduled
• DBA will do the activity & report to the IT / Bank Manager.
• Review meeting once in a month.